Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall-ish Fashion 2009: Ralph Lauren (Part 1)

Ralph Lauren has a bunch of great fall looks, so I divided this into two parts. This isn't really all that fall though. It's more of a mix of late-summer, early-fall. But whatever. Let's not get hung up on details.

First things first. Fall ads:

Attention all America's Next Top Model fans! Recognize her?

It's Danielle from Cycle 6! Ahem. Now that I've outed myself as a viewer of that show (come on, who doesn't love Oxygen's weekend marathons?!), back to business.

Cable Cricket Sweater

This was one of my favorites items from Ralph Lauren this summer. I love the colors, the cables, the blazer look. Everything is perfection.

Silk Tie Blazers

I love, LOVE, the tie trim. It really makes the white pop.

Kayla Floral Shirtdress

Sophisticated and classy. I adore the lace sleeves.

Crested Wool Blazer


Leather Patch Cardigan

And this is my favorite item for fall. I love cardigans (they're my choice go-to wardrobe item) and I'm really feeling the outdoorsy/sporting look Ralph Lauren is going for this fall with leather details.

Patched Regatta Rugby

I really liked the front of this shirt. Then I saw the back:

Way to disappoint, Ralph!

Kayla Contrast Collar Shirt

I like these. Even the giant crests aren't annoying too badly, but I would certainly prefer if they weren't there (this is not an item I have approved for crests).

I think I'd also prefer if there was no embroidery on the back of the collar. I like the idea of contrasting-colored collars, but I'm not feeling the embroidery. I guess it's really not a big deal for me since I a lifetime member of the "Collar Down Crew."

Capri Pajama Set

I recently bought a pair of Ralph Lauren pajamas very similar to these and I just love them.

Lace Trim Pajama Set

Shaw Trench

A classic.


Architect Floor Lamp

Grosgrain Coaster Set

Croquet Set

Stay tuned for the second part of Ralph Lauren's (actual) fall offerings.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Spring? Already?!

While we're in the midst of fall fashions, the creative minds at fashion houses around the world are thinking of warmer weather and blooming flowers. That's right spring fashions have arrived. I don't plan on covering this yet, but I thought I could at least link to it.

Ralph Lauren debuted his Spring 2010 collection at New York's Fashion Week last Thursday. Check it out the complete collection. It's...interesting.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

You Know You Love It

Procrastination has struck. So, in honor of Gossip Girl's gallant return to television last night, I thought I could celebrate with some of my favorite Gossip Girl fashions. (Click on the pictures to enlarge.)

Blair Waldorf:

Blair Waldorf is, quite possibly, the best character on television. She's bitchy, manipulative, scheming, and fashionable. Also, she has the greatest headband collection known to (wo)man. Basically, she's my hero. Here she is at her preppiest. After all, what's more preppy than a prep school uniform?!

This is probably my favorite Blair dress/look. I have coveted this dress from the moment I saw it. I love the rich color and smooth fabric.

Does Blair Waldorf aspire to be a sailor?! The United States Navy better watch out.

Blair rocks the high fashion...

...and the vintage. That hat is so fabulously over-the-top, it almost needs its own shot.

The White Party.

I want that dress. And that bike. And him.

You can't go wrong with a summer dress like this.

I love this bathing suit style. Modest, yet sexy.

The van der Woodsens:

I'm not entirely sold on the idea that Serena's plunging v-neck blouse was appropriate for a college visit to Yale. But I strongly approve of this Ralph Lauren blazer. A+, Miss van der Woodsen.

Looks like S takes after her mother. A young Lily Rhodes van der Woodsen rocks East Coast equestrian chic in California.

Chuck Bass:

Because he's Chuck Bass. Do you really need another reason?

Nate Archibald:

I'm 99% sure that's a Brooks Brothers argyle sweater. I think it's been well-established how I feel about those.

The Vanderbilt family crest.

The uniform at St. Jude's Preparatory School.

Ahhh, welcome back Gossip Girl. I missed you so.